EMPIRE PATTERNS are patterns created from the original art of Carl Kojis, whose art website can be viewed

at www.CarlKojisArt.com. All art and all patterns by Carl Kojis are copyrighted and permission must be obtained from the artist before

any image or pattern is copied or used outside of the artists websites.

At the present time, this website serves as a gallery only. However, some EMPIRE PATTERNS are available for purchase at Spoonflower.com, which is a business in Durham, North Carolina that does digital printing on fabric, as well as wallpaper and gift-wrapping paper. The link to My Store at Spoonflower is at the bottom of this page. Once at Spoonflower's site, fabrics can be ordered directly from them. Spoonflower offers several different types of fabrics and any amount of fabric can be ordered, from a swatch (8" x 8") up to many yards of any given fabric design.

EMPIRE PATTERNS can be used in many different applications, such as fabrics for use as clothing, bed linens, draperies, upholsteries, tableclothes and napkins, and more. Other applications could be wrapping papers, shower curtains, wallpaper or wallpaper borders, tapestries, and much more.

If any interested party would like to inquire about EMPIRE PATTERNS, inquiries can be sent to:


Thank you for visiting EmpirePatterns.com.


(You will have to copy and paste the above link to your browser, as Spoonflower does not allow direct links to user's pages.)